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Convoy Live Fire

Convoy Live Fire (CLF), Fort Bliss, Texas

HSW Engineering provided full discipline A/E services for the design of a Convoy Live Fire training facility to be located near the McGregor FAW 10 training area at Fort Bliss. The Convoy Live Fire training facility provides the leader with a facility to train and evaluate the unit during a live fire exercise. Units are trained and evaluated on their ability to move tactically, engage targets, improvised explosive devices, and practice target discrimination. The project provides enhanced individual and team training of all constituent elements featured in Force XXI war fighting operations to the soldiers of active Army Units, Reserve and National Guard units that train at Fort Bliss. This range is used to train soldiers on the skills necessary conduct tactical movements which will units and their leaders to detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary and moving infantry targets in a convoy setting.

Primary facilities include the Entry Control Point and all six standard convoy objectives along an existing convoy route. Supporting ROCA facilities include an Operations/Storage Building, Dry-Vault Latrine, a Bleacher Enclosure and building information systems. Target Emplacements include Moving Armor Targets, Stationary Armor Targets, Stationary Infantry Targets, One and Two Story Facades, Moving Infantry Targets, gates, barriers and berms. Power to targets is provided at each objective from generators and solar panels. Supporting facilities for the project include: electric service, information systems, site improvements, Air Conditioning (Estimated 2 Tons). HSW used a pre-fabricated, commercially available building for a battery charging and storage shed to realize a significant savings over in-place construction.