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Independent Third-Party Data Validation

HSW Engineering, Inc., provides independent third-party validation of environmental data (groundwater, soil, surface water, sediment, and air samples) and generates comprehensive data validation reports, including USACE compliant Quality Control Summary Reports, for a variety of military sites throughout the country. 

Work is often performed as a subcontracted service to clients who are prime contractors with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or United States Air Force. HSW has been working with several such clients for over 15 years. For a large project currently in progress, HSW worked with the primary contract laboratory to establish an ADR (Automated Data Review) electronic quality assurance project plan (eQAPP) based on project objectives, DoD QSM Ver 5.0 requirements for accuracy and precision, and the laboratory’s empirical quality control limits. The laboratory is providing ADR Stage 2a EDDs (electronic data deliverables) as well as full EPA Level IV deliverables for hundreds of soil samples all of which are being analyzed by SW-846 methods for volatile organic compounds, semivolatile organic compounds, metals, and dioxins and furans. All of the EDDs are being processed through ADR. The expanded deliverables are reviewed 100% for completeness and for conformance of instrument quality control data with project requirements, with a representative 10% of these expanded deliverables undergoing manual validation.