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Infantry Platoon Battle Course

Infantry Platoon Battle Course (IPBC), Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

The Infantry Platoon Battle Course designed by HSW Engineering is used to train and test dismounted platoons in conducting tactical movement techniques for stationary and moving infantry and armor targets. It is programmed to be constructed on an existing range at Fort McCoy. The ultimate goal was to ingrate the existing and new range operations and downrange elements such that Fort McCoy achieved full use of either range. The primary features of the range include: stationary infantry targets, moving infantry targets, stationary armor targets, and moving armor targets. The range operations and support facilities included 4 buildings. From an innovative design standpoint, HSW incorporated SACOM wall sections at several locations along the timber-wall of the fighting trench to provide fire breaks to reduce the potential for destruction of the entire trench system by incidental fires as the result of training operations. The construction cost estimate for this range was about $2.9 million.