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Infantry Squad Battle Course

Infantry Squad Battle Course (ISBC), Fort Bliss, Texas

HSW Engineering provided full discipline A/E services for the design of an Infantry Squad Battle Course located in the Dona Ana Range 48 area at Fort Bliss. The project includes enhanced individual and team training of all constituent elements featured in Force XXI war fighting operations to the soldiers of active Army Units, Reserve and National Guard units that train at Fort Bliss. This range is used to train soldiers on the skills necessary to conduct tactical movements which will allow up to a squad level troop to detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary and moving infantry targets in a tactical array.

Primary facilities include: targetry systems, downrange power and instrumentation, Range Operations Center, Operations/Storage building, Latrine, and General Instruction Building, Bleacher Enclosure, Covered Mess building, and Ammo Breakdown building, vehicle staging area and POV parking. Targets are provided for all the standard objectives and include 1 Moving Armor Target, 6 Moving Infantry Targets, 6 Stationary Armor Targets, 20 Stationary Infantry Targets, 5 Machine Gun Bunkers, and 2 Trenches.

Support facilities include: Down range and ROCA electric service; information systems; site improvements; Air Conditioning (Estimated 6 Tons). AT / FP and Sustainable Design Elements are included in this project.

Services included aerial surveying and ground surveying, geotechnical support, and UXO support for the field investigations.