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Live Fire Shoot Houses

Live Fire Shoot Houses (LFSH), Fort Bliss, Texas  

HSW Engineering provided full discipline A/E services for the design of two Live Fire Shoot Houses located in the Oro Grande and McGregor range areas of Fort Bliss. The LFSH provides a facility to train and evaluate a unit during a live fire exercise. The shoot house is the range and consists of eight separate rooms including two corridors with twenty target/camera outlets, and thirteen precision human urban targets. Construction is ballistic steel walls covered in bullet trapping rubber blocks. All targets are fully automated. The event specific target scenario is computer driven and scored from the AAR. The range operating system is fully capable of providing immediate performance feedback to the participants in the AAR building. All targetry is life-like precision targets with reconfigurable plug and play capability.

Door, window, and wall breaching structures are used to train soldiers on the technical aspects of breaching and allow the use of mechanical, thermal, ballistic, and explosive breaching techniques.  The After Action Review (AAR) Building was divided into separate rooms to allow simultaneous after action reviews, separate master control room, and storage/maintenance area. Full audio-visual recording and replay capability.

Primary Facilities are located within the perimeter of the range complex and include Operations/ Storage Building, roads, site improvements and power and data transfer cabling. The standard five training stations were provided.  Services included aerial surveying and ground surveying, geotechnical support, and UXO support for the field investigations.