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HSW Exhibits, Sponsors, & Presents at the Florida Chambers 31st Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School: Fort Lauderdale Marriott, Florida
19-Jul-2017 - 22-Jul-2017

Come see us at booth #107!  :-) 

Risk Based Corrective Action Update - Steven Folsom, PE BCEE
Thursday, July 20, 10:30 am
The last year has seen further significant changes in the implementation of risk base corrective actions in Florida.  This panel of experts will recap the implementation of recent legislation, policy changes and rule development, revisions to the depth of contamination in the application of direct exposure soil cleanup target levels, and examples of new Land Use Controls for Airports and Ports. Rulemaking for Chapter 62-780 and the Institutional Control Procedures Guidance (ICPG) are finally completed, and the Contaminated Media Forum (CMF) is tackling new cleanup target levels. With everything going on in the world of RBCA, you cannot afford to miss this course! Come prepared to participate in a lively and informative discussion!  Instructors: Ralph DeMeo (Moderator), Jim Oliveros, Joe Applegate, Steve Folsom, Nicole Penichet.

New Developments in Water Quality Permitting - Ken Watson, PhD, CH
Friday, July 21, 8:30 am
Extremely informative course includes timely updates on new ways the Department of Environmental Protection and EPA are addressing water quality issues; also includes basic as well as advanced discussion on water quality discharge permitting, whether from industrial, domestic, or other discharge sources; emphasis on current agency practices, and updates on pending legal changes; emerging water quality issues affecting industry, regulations and the general population; excellent course designed for extensive audience participation. Instructors: Tim Atkinson (Moderator), Ric Fraxedas, Bruce Nocita, Ken Watson, Erin Reed. 

HSW Sponsors and Exhibits at the Annual Florida Association for Water Quality Control (FAWQC) Conference, Naples Grand, Florida
13-Jun-2017 - 16-Jun-2017

FAWQC is a non-profit organization dedicated to managing, improving, and protecting the quality of Florida's waters. Florida’s water resources are invaluable for sustaining the lifestyle and landscapes that Floridians and visitors expect. The quality of our interconnected surface and ground water systems can impact drinking water supplies, wildlife habitat, industry, agriculture, and recreation-based economy. As Florida continues to grow, it’s future is dependent on the decisions society makes today concerning water resources. Together we can make a difference protecting Florida’s water quality. 

HSW Sponsors and Exhibits at the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Joint Training & Education Day (JETD), MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida
01-Mar-2017 - 01-Mar-2017

HSW has a continuous record of success with federal facility work and military projects, specifically those supporting firing ranges and training facilities.  As a contractor under the Range and Training Land Program (RTLP) for the US Army Corps of Engineers, HSW provided A/E services managing and performing range and facility design work under 55 different task orders involving nine Districts and 14 installations. HSW has acquired a national reputation for using innovative and streamlined approaches to assess and resolve a broad range of complex engineering and environmental concerns, resulting in substantial cost and time savings.   

HSW Participates in the 3rd Winter Water Seminar - Tallahassee, Florida
17-Jan-2017 - 18-Jan-2017

HSW is partnering with the Florida Engineering Society in hosting the Third Winter Water Seminar.  Among a variety of water resource topics, HSW’s Senior Consultant Steven Folsom will serve as panelist of legal and technical experts and regulatory administrators to discuss the current regulatory policy and rulemaking initiatives related to Florida’s Waste Cleanup Programs.  The panel will explore the latest issues being addressed by the Contaminated Media Forum and discuss several of the advances in 62-780 FAC, including the role of a conceptual site model, revisions to emergency response requirements, incremental sampling methodology, changes in site closures using institutional controls, the effect on adjacent property owners and other timely subjects.

The esteemed Panel consists of:
- Jorge Caspary, PG, WSource (Moderator)
- Joseph Applegate, PG, Geosyntec Consultants  
- Steven Folsom, PE BCEE, HSW Engineering 
- Bruce Moore, PG, Cardno
- Client Noble, PG, Gannett Fleming 
- Michael Petrovich, Esq., Hopping Green & Sams
- Christopher Teaf, PhD, Hazardous Substance & Waste Management Research, Inc.
- Joseph Ullo, PE, and Brian Dougherty, PhD, FDEP

HSW Exhibits, Sponsors, and Presents at the 2nd Southeast Brownfields Conference - Omni Downtown Hotel, Jacksonville, Florida
16-Oct-2016 - 19-Oct-2016

Join us at booth #29 :-) 

Session 7B:  Due Diligence and Long Term Closure and Care (CLE)
Tuesday, October 18
3:35 pm - 4:55 pm

Andrew Lawn, MS, PG: 
Environmental Due Diligence - Follow Industry Standards to Minimize Risk
An interactive discussion of environmental due diligence processes including Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Vapor Encroachment Screenings (VESs) following industry Guides and Standards to minimize risks for stakeholders.  Case studies, with example conceptual site models (CSMs), are presented to highlight the importance of user and environmental professional (EP) knowledge needed to develop cost-effective scopes of work for liability protection and optimization of Brownfields Site Rehabilitation Agreement (BSRA) implementation and Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credits (VCTC) benefits and other Brownfields incentives.

Steven Folsom, PE, BCEE: Long-Term Stewardship for RBCA Sites
Long-Term Stewardship (LTS) Strategies for streamlining compliance with activity and land use controls can ensure protectiveness for sites that are undergoing (or have undergone) cleanup using Risk-Based Corrective Action principles.  The appropriate application of these strategies can assist current or future owner/operators to recognize and manage risk associated with the continuing obligations of Institutional and/or Engineering Controls.  The panel will discuss the legal and technical Best Management Practices (BMPs) and innovative tools to manage "closed sites" beyond the closure order. 

HSW Sponsors and Exhibits at the Metropolitan Environmental Training Alliance (METRA) Environmental Excellence Day, SeaWorld Ports of Call, Orlando, Florida
29-Sep-2016 - 29-Sep-2016

METRA is a not-for-profit partnership of professional that provides environmental compliance training to the Central Florida small business community and local government agencies.  METRA's members consist of regulators, environmental product and service vendors, and the regulated community.  Members include over 25 government entities and private corporations. 

Environmental Excellence (E2) Day is designed to keep everyone connected with services, technologies, and information about maintaining environmental compliance.  It's a day of environmental training and networking and is intended for anyone who owns property, operates equipment, manages operations, purchases raw materials, disposes of waste, designs or builds stormwater ponds, responds to spills, or any other activity that requires compliance with environmental protection or permitting laws. 

HSW Opens New Office in Tallahassee, Florida
09-Sep-2016 - 09-Sep-2016


"Opening an office in Tallahassee allows us to expand our presence in Florida and better serve clients in North Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.  We look forward to our presence in Florida's Capital City to grow our business and facilitate our active roll in several organizations that benefit our communities", HSW's Vice President, Andy Lawn says.

Mr. Lawn started HSW's Orlando office in 1992 and grew it to become HSW's largest branch.  He will lead the Tallahassee engineering office, overseeing assessment and remediation, water resources, and permit compliance.  Andy regularly presents industry standards, due diligence strategies, Brownfields site redevelopment, application of models, and other environmental business topics at the Florida Chamber and Brownfields Association Conferences.  He currently serves as Treasurer of the Southeastern Geological Society and is a Board Member of the Florida Brownfields Association.  For more information you may contact Andy directly at (407) 810-2949.

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