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Quality Assurance Support

HSW Engineering, Inc., was selected in 2006, to provide quality assurance (QA) support to the South Florida Water Management District. We continue to support the District's Water Quality Bureau in a variety of capacities, including:

  • Overseeing inter-laboratory performance evaluations to assess the quality and comparability of laboratory data generated for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program;
  • Updating of the District’s Chemistry Laboratory Quality Manual to reflect the laboratory’s current equipment and analytical methods and ensure compliance with the latest standard promulgated by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Committee (NELAC);
  • Preparing standard operating procedures (SOPs) adopted by the District;
  • Performing laboratory audits on-site and off-site lab assessments;
  • Preparing quality assessment reports, including a comprehensive assessment of the quality of data generated by the District’s internal laboratory and multiple contract laboratories;
  • Conducting QA-level investigations concerning laboratory analyses and initiating resolutions; and
  • Developing user-directed training courses, including a professionally produced DVD titled “Ethics in Environmental Sampling and Analysis”.


In addition, HSW has provided on-site support in data validation, records and data management, including quality control checks and work flow and products tracking, and technical support for data reduction, analysis, integration, synthesis, data presentation, and report writing.