About Us

A lot of people ask us what HSW means. The straight answer is obvious, our founders’ initials are HSW – Henry, Seguiti, and Watson.

Three entrepreneurs who forged a company dedicated to providing excellence in engineering and environmental services. But the truth is that HSW stands for more than just three names.

Look at Our Culture and you can see we have Heart, Strength, and some Wild fun in and out of the office with our coworkers and in our communities.

Browse through Our Team and you will see we are made up of Hardworking, Smart, and Well-rounded professionals.

Step back and look at Our Company and you will know that we value Honor, Service, and Wisdom.

For thirty years we’ve delivered industry-leading solutions to Our Clients. We welcome each challenge with teams selected to provide you with cost-effective results and personalized care. We believe in working with the best, brightest minds and innovative technologies.

So you may ask, what does HSW mean? But the question is, what will HSW mean to you?