Our Team

HSW Engineering, Inc. is an integrated earth science and engineering firm providing proactive, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for Environmental, Water Resources, and Civil/Land Development projects.

HSW has distinguished itself as a leader in the environmental industry by adhering to its philosophy of strategic long-range management of environmental concerns. This successful philosophy revolves around a project organizational structure that always includes one of the firm’s principals to maintain strict quality assurance, effective communication, and senior leadership.

HSW has successfully applied innovative strategies to technical and regulatory issues nationwide, resulting in substantial cost and time savings. This approach assures our clients of the best possible service and value and is a key reason that over 90% of our work comes from previous customers. This same approach has also been integrated into our Water Resources and Civil/Land Development Practices.

Ken Watson, PhD
President/Principal Hydrologist
PhD, Soil Physics, University of Kentucky
BS, Soil Science, University of Florida
Ken Watson is a Principal Hydrologist and one of the founders of HSW. As a corporate officer, Ken is in charge of a wide range of environmental and water resources projects including: contamination assessments of industrial facilities, water resource investigations, groundwater studies, saturated and unsaturated zone studies of wetlands, and establishment of minimum flows and levels in water bodies throughout Florida. Ken is continually called upon to provide quantitative expertise with respect to groundwater, surface water and unsaturated zone hydrology; and the transport of chemicals in surface and subsurface waters. As President of HSW, he is in charge of corporate technical development.

Fred Seguiti, PG
Vice President/Principal Hydrogeologist
BS, Geology, Allegheny College, PA
Fred Seguiti is a Principal Hydrogeologist and one of the original founders of HSW, currently serving as its Vice President and COO. Fred works with industrial, commercial, and public-sector clients helping them to develop and implement practical, business-oriented solutions to environmental challenges. Fred understands the importance of maintaining a project team’s focus that our client’s environmental challenges are essentially business problems. Fred has developed solutions for site investigations, corrective actions, and exit strategies for individual release sites and intermingled contaminant plumes for a variety of contaminants and under various regulatory programs. Fred has provided training to numerous and diverse groups concerning the contaminated site cleanup process and served as an expert witness at contaminated sites. Fred is a licensed Professional Geologist in several states.

Carol Henry Emery, MS
Vice President/Principal Hydrogeologist
MS, Civil Engineering, Stanford University
BA, Environmental Science, University of Virginia
Carol Emery is a Principal Hydrologist and one of the founders of HSW. She is a nationally-recognized expert in federal and state environmental regulations, sustainable site remediation, and environmental closure. Carol manages large-scale restoration projects for facilities operated by public and private sector clients, achieving consensus on complex technical and regulatory issues. She succeeds in driving projects toward closure while achieving substantial life-cycle cost, energy, and time savings. Carol’s credits include Lead Instructor for U.S. EPA’s Corrective Action Training Course offered to all EPA regions and 50 state agencies. In this role, she taught development of Exit Strategies for risk-based environmental restoration, sustainable approaches to site revitalization, remedial system optimization, and remediation waste management. Carol qualifies for and has served as an expert witness in groundwater hydrology and federal and state environmental regulations.

Andy Lawn, MS, PG
Vice President/Principal Hydrogeologist
MS, Geological Sciences, University of South Florida
BA, Geology, State University College at Buffalo
Andrew “Andy” Lawn is a Principal Hydrogeologist who started and operated HSW’s Orlando office for 20+ years and recently opened HSW’s Tallahassee office to better serve our clients that require interaction with State Agencies based in Florida’s Capital, and to serve clients throughout the southeastern U.S., including aerospace companies, DOD contractors, municipalities, and petroleum and dry cleaner retailers. He manages complex projects including contamination assessments, remediation system design and operation, data evaluation, site monitoring, permit and work plan negotiations with regulatory agencies, and development of short-term remedies with application of institutional and engineering controls for cost-effective administrative closure of environmental concerns.
He is active in the Florida Brownfields Association, having served three Board Member terms, and currently serves as Treasurer of The Southeastern Geological Society. He regularly presents due-diligence strategies, Brownfield site redevelopment, use of models for permitting and remedial decision making, and business environmental risk management topics, at the Florida Chamber and Brownfield Association Conferences, and has been a guest speaker at the University of Central Florida and Florida State University.

Cathleen Beaudoin Jonas, MS, PG
Principal Hydrogelogist
MS, Hydrogeology, University of South Florida
BS, Geology, Beloit College
Cathleen Beaudoin Jonas, PG is a Principal Hydrogeologist who works on small and large multi-disciplinary water resources and water supply projects in Florida.  She is experienced in inter-acting with regulatory staff for permitting and compliance projects.  As an expert in Florida hydrogeology, she develops, modifies and calibrates local to regional scale numerical groundwater flow models to use in groundwater flow studies for wellfield design and impacts analysis, remediation programs, mine cut dewatering evaluations, and to assist in acquiring water use permits.  Cathleen has worked on brackish water and aquifer recharge studies and believes that these alternative water supplies provide a great opportunity for private and municipal clients to diversify and improve the reliability of their water supply while, at the same time, promoting environmental stewardship and social benefits.

Dean Mades, MS, PE
Principal Hydrologist
MS, Civil Engineering, University of Illinois
BS, Civil Engineering, Bradley University
Dean Mades is a Principal Engineer and Hydrologist who provides quality-assurance reviews on a wide variety of projects involving environmental, water use, and stormwater permitting; forensic drainage assessment; ecohydrology; and groundwater remediation.  Dean believes that effective water resources planning and management requires defensible data and meaningful communication between stakeholders. Dean assists private and public stakeholders by reviewing comprehensive, scientific assessments to determine regulatory Minimum Flows and Levels (MFLs) for rivers, estuaries, springs, and lakes; and surface and groundwater hydrologic, hydraulic and water-quality modeling.  Dean has provided expert testimony relating to water resources, water use and drainage; and he served as the Flow Measurement Expert on the Fifth Technical Committee for Review of Diversion Flow Measurements and Accounting Procedures mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Dean is a Professional Engineer in the State of Florida, member of the American Society of Civil Engineering, and AAWRE Board certified Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer.

Derek Huston, PE
Vice President/Principal Environmental Engineer
BS, Chemical Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology
Derek Huston is a Principal Environmental Engineer and operates the HSW Orlando branch. Derek has been performing site remediation for more than 20 years serving attorneys, realtors, manufacturing facilities, municipalities, federal agencies and petroleum distributors. Derek has worked with contaminants including chlorinated solvents, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, pesticides, PCBs and metals.  He specializes in air sparge, soil vapor extraction and chemical oxidation technologies. Derek also has broad expertise in producing custom computer software for Environmental Health and Safety tracking.

Steven Folsom, PE, BCEE
Vice President/Principal Consultant
BS, Environmental Engineering, University of Florida
Steven Folsom is a Principal Consultant and Practice Leader, working with clients to provide creative solutions for engineering and environmental compliance issues related to site investigation, remedial design and performance optimization, brownfields redevelopment, solid and hazardous waste compliance, environmental due diligence, water resources, permitting, construction management, and litigation support. In addition to his successful management of projects involving award-winning brownfields renewal projects and nationally acclaimed innovative site remedies, he is an accomplished technical author and presenter, and remains an active member of professional associations with the purpose of advancing the industry through improved policy, legislation and regulation.
He is a Professional Engineer and a Board Certified Environmental Engineer in Hazardous Waste Management with the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. Steven is a Guest Lecturer to the University of South Florida College of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Bryan Baker, MS, PG
Senior Scientist
MS, Chemical Oceanography, Florida State University
BS, Geology, University of South Carolina
Bryan Baker has over 33 years of experience working in several regulatory programs, including domestic and industrial wastewater permitting to groundwater and surface water, radionuclide issues, membrane technologies for drinking water, pesticides, water policy and water management planning, and the development of groundwater cleanup target levels. Bryan spent the majority of this career with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) where he began working within the RCRA program in 2003, overseeing permitting and corrective action activities. Within RCRA, he focused on implementing risk-based corrective action within the RCRA framework, coordinating RCRA brownfields projects, and streamlining the RCRA permitting and corrective action closure process. Bryan has solution-oriented management skills and knowledge of the regulatory process, and assists clients in achieving cost-effective solutions for their permitting and remediation projects.

Bill Lais, PE
Senior Technical Consultant
BS, Civil / Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida
Bill Lais has over 20 years of experience in remedial action planning and construction management. He is an expert in the evaluation and selection of cleanup technologies under state and federal cleanup programs on a variety of constituents including chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons, inorganics, pesticides, and PCBs.  Bill incorporates elements of sustainability into each aspect of site cleanup to minimize energy and material requirements, and to reduce impacts to air and water quality.  He applies these skills to unlock property value for contaminated sites through focused feasibility studies; with emphasis on stakeholder goals, future land use, and protectiveness of the community.  Bill is also an expert at optimizing treatment processes to improve efficiency of failed or under-performing systems, and has served as Engineer of Record for over 50 remedial action cleanup sites.

Cheryl Nichols, ME, PE, CHMM
Senior Engineer
ME, Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida
BS, Chemical Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology
Cheryl Nichols is a Senior Environmental Engineer at HSW with 15 years of experience in executing and managing environmental engineering projects. Her experience includes soil and groundwater assessment, remediation of sites utilizing traditional and innovative technologies, and achieving site closure. Cheryl has managed project budgets ranging from $1,000 to greater than $8M, with project schedules spanning from days to years. Cheryl regularly coordinates with regulatory bodies at various government levels, private property owners, subcontractors, and the public to keep projects on track, within budget, and ensure successful outcomes of projects.

Cindy Lee Westergard, MBA
Senior Chemist
MBA, Vanderbilt University
BA, Chemistry, Florida State University
Cindy Westergard is Senior Chemist and one of the corporate QA managers at HSW. She has served in a quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) capacity for over 20 years – assisting state Water Management Districts, Tampa Bay Water, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and other Depart of Defense (DoD) agencies. Cindy recognizes the importance of being proactive and of reviewing field and laboratory data in a timely manner as the best means of meeting project data quality objectives and minimizing or precluding issues that otherwise might impact data quality. She is responsible for the generating quality assurance plans, validating field and analytical data, analyzing data and managing large databases, auditing of environmental laboratories, and negotiating laboratory contracts. Cindy has considerable experience with automated data review using software applications such as ADaPT® and ADR® as well as full, manual validation of expanded laboratory data packages.
Cindy’s experience in conducting over 30 on-site audits of environmental laboratories since 2006 allows greater insight into the selection of appropriate analytical methods and to potential issues that might otherwise go unnoticed during data review and validation.
Dori Sabeh, PE, GISP
Senior Engineer
MS, Civil / Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida
Dori Sabeh is a Senior Engineer with extensive experience in multi-disciplinary projects for both public and private sectors. Dori is well-versed in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, stormwater and watershed management master planning, floodplain delineation and mapping, and Minimum Flows and Levels (MFLs). Dori offers extensive expertise in water resources and environmental applications of geographic information system (GIS), including geodatabase development and management and integrating GIS databases with stormwater models.
Dori’s background in design projects covers stormwater and roadway improvements, Low Impact Development (LID), permitting, utility coordination, quantity computations, construction cost estimates, shop drawings review, construction observations, and final certification and compliance inspections. He is also adept at stormwater best management practices and quality improvements, feasibility analyses, NPDES, canal dredging, and erosion control.
Dori is skilled in software and stormwater models, such as ICPR, SWMM, ArcHydro, GWIS, HECRAS, MODRET, ASAD, AutoCAD/Civil 3D, ESRI ArcGIS, MicroStation, and programming languages.

Ed Meyers, MS, PG
Senior Technical Consultant 
MS, Geology, University of Georgia
BS, Geosciences, Sate University of Buffalo
Ed Meyers is a Senior Technical Consultant experienced in conducting and managing public and private client environmental projects. His responsibilities have included financial management, client contact, project management, and technical oversight. Over the last 25 years, Ed has managed environmental projects through their life cycle, including site assessment, restoration and closure. Recently, Ed has directed the environmental activities and supported site development at a large facility located in Central Florida including preparing RCRA corrective action permits, completing brownfields designation applications, and brownfields site rehabilitation agreements. Ed is knowledgeable in risk-based closure strategies at multiple site. Ed has made numerous technical presentations at local and national conferences.

James Dozier, MS, PG
Senior Hydrogeologist
MS, Hydrogeology, University of South Florida
BS, Zoology, University of Florida
James Dozier is a Senior Hydrogeologist who works with municipalities, regulatory agencies, and private clients to promote water resource solutions. James knows that developing cost effective and technologically sound solutions provides a valuable service to his clients. James has worked at protecting groundwater resources through his development of effective computer models of natural systems. In addition, James has a broad range of hydrogeological experience in the fields of water resources, environmental assessment, saltwater intrusion, remediation of groundwater contamination, wetland assessments, wellfield management, recovery analysis, and permitting. He has extensive experience in conceptual model development, setup, data input, calibration, and post-processing of data output for MODFLOW and for the integrated surface and groundwater models ISGW and MIKE SHE, solute transport model MT3D, and the saltwater intrusion model SEAWAT.

Joel Balmat, MS
Senior Technical Consultant
MS, Environmental Science/Chemistry, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Joel Balmat is a senior technical consultant who has over thirty years of progressive experience as an environmental manager and consultant with broad knowledge of environmental project management, site restoration, permitting, and regulatory compliance. Joel has twenty years of consulting operations and project management experience, including senior technical direction, staff management, quality control, report preparation, client communication, coordination with regulatory agencies, and budget and schedule control. Joel also has eleven years of experience as a technical project manager and supervisor for the U.S. EPA, directing hazardous waste site responses (CERCLA and RCRA), permitting, and compliance/enforcement activities. Joel received awards from U.S. EPA and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for streamlining the cleanup of a former industrial site.

Nicole Scroggins, PG
Senior Technical Consultant
BS, Geology, University of Florida
Nicole Scroggins has over 20 years of experience developing effective, results-centered environmental consulting solutions for a wide variety of private sector clients and public agencies. Nicole has provided client management for environmental services, exit strategy development and regulatory negotiations, and provided technical support or led projects managed by a variety of state and federal agencies. Nicole incorporates innovative characterization techniques into site management strategies with a focus on optimized approaches for site restoration. Her work has included assessment and remediation at a wide range of facilities, including work for the petroleum, agricultural, industrial, power and defense industries and projects performed directly for state or federal agencies. She has negotiated unrestricted closure and closure with controls at numerous sites and transitioned sites in multiple states from long-term treatment system approaches to targeted/focused in-situ remediation, monitoring only, or plume stability monitoring for closure. She has also teamed with a variety of stakeholders in complex settings to negotiate and successfully achieve project objectives.

Ravi Nalamothu, MS, PE
Senior Engineer
MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Central Florida
BT, Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
Ravi Nalamothu provides skills in water resources technical support, modeling, and design to help a variety of public and private clients. His main technical responsibilities include minimum flow and level (MFL) analysis, surface and groundwater modeling, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) support services. Ravi has also completed multiple Physical Habitat Simulation (PHABSIM) projects using SEFA (System for Environmental Flow Analysis) and is experienced in advanced flow measurement techniques using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) technology.

Rich Poff, MS, PG
Senior Scientist
MS, Geology / Environmental Sciences, University of Toronto
Richard Poff is a Senior Scientist who collaborates with clients, peers, attorneys, and the regulatory community to resolve environmental issues in a cost-efficient manner. Richard has conducted extensive contamination assessment investigations, supported remedial investigations and feasibility studies, conducted complex data evaluation, designed monitoring networks, evaluated remediation system effectiveness, and developed environmental liability tracking/forecasting tools as required under Sarbanes-Oxley. Project experience has included various active/inactive industrial, solid waste, petroleum, mining, and power facilities. Richard is a Florida and North Carolina PG and is OSHA and MSHA certified.

Robert (Bob) Bretnall, Jr., MS, PG
Senior Hydrologist
MS, Geology, University of South Florida
Bob Bretnall is a Senior Hydrogeologist who teams with aerospace companies, DOD contractors, aircraft refurbishing companies, public utilities, and petroleum retailers in planning and managing complex environmental projects and investigations. During his 33 years of consulting, Bob has been recognized for superior job performance in negotiating with Florida and Federal regulatory agencies, conducting multi-phase investigations and assessments, auditing/evaluating site conditions, analyzing and interpreting data, and preparing reports and remedial plans. Bob is honored by the trust placed in him by our clients and proud of the work he has performed toward restoring groundwater quality in impacted aquifers. Bob has demonstrated expertise in contract management, tracking multiple projects, budgeting, quality control, technical report preparation, compliance with state and federal regulations, and staff training and supervision.

Zeke He, PhD, PE
Senior Engineer
PhD, Environmental Engineering, Ohio State University
MS, Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology
BS, Water Supply & Sewer Engineering, Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology
Zeke He is a Senior Engineer with over 16 years of extensive experience in environmental engineering and research with a very diverse background covering civil and environmental engineering, water and wastewater engineering, geochemistry, geological science, soil science, analytical chemistry and environmental forensics. His expertise includes innovative site characterization, remedial alternatives analysis, remedial system design and implementation as well as optimization, vapor intrusion and mitigation, fate and transport of hazardous materials, risk assessment and risk based corrective actions. Zeke has successfully applied conceptual site model, “Triad Approach”, fate and transport, analytical and numeric modeling, and innovative technologies in contaminant investigation and forensic techniques to identify contaminant release timing and sources, including petroleum hydrocarbons, manufactured gas plant wastes, chlorinated solvents, pesticides and herbicides, radionuclides, and heavy metals. In addition, Zeke has been providing expert opinions, litigation and regulatory supports on relevant cases of interest to clients.