Comprehensive Environmental Services

HSW performed a variety of environmental projects for the Orange County Risk Management Division under an As-Needed Environmental Assessment and Remediation contract. All projects required significant coordination with multiple Orange County and regulatory agency personnel with representation at meetings. Projects often required coordination with local Utility Departments including obtaining road right of way permits and maintenance of traffic plans. Following is a summary of relevant tasks the team has worked on during the past two years (2014-2015):

  • HSW performed 33 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) in compliance with EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry Rule for Orange County including multiple parcel sites and parcels as large as 460 acres. HSW was able to limit the number of Phase II ESAs performed during this time frame to 5 by performing careful threat analysis of possible recognized environmental conditions.
  • HSW completed three Brownfields Neighborhood Parcel Inventory Studies at Holden Heights Study Areas 1, 2, and 3, including identification of parcels with potential for redevelopment, with emphasis on determining parcels that are vacant, idle, or abandoned.
  • HSW performed 11 Contamination Assessments for Orange County including surface water, and groundwater and soil investigations for contamination from metals, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oil, ammonia, and solvents. HSW performed Monitoring Well Installation and Sampling at each of these facilities including rural properties, pump stations, fire stations, and along road ways.
  • HSW has worked on the Orange County Work Release project, which is being remediated under the State Reimbursement (preapproval) program. HSW has managed 12 work orders under this project and has successfully managed tasks such as Remediation System Operation/Performance Testing, Monitoring Well Installation and Sampling, a Remedial Investigation Alternative Study, and an Interim Remedial Action.
  • HSW also performed 7 surface stormwater evaluation projects including Monitoring Well installation and Sampling for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) parameters in support of road construction dewatering projects.
  • HSW performed Interim Remedial Actions at the Sheriff’s Office Shooting Range, where lead screening and soil stabilization for reuse; Fire Station #82 where HSW performed source removal and soil vacuum extraction under the first ever granted Alternative Procedures and Requirements authorization from the FDEP thus saving Orange County the expense of a Remedial Action Plan; and Orangewood Pump Station #F3167, where HSW performed a limited source removal.