Civil & Land Development

HSW Consulting specializes in site development and design; utilities master planning; surface/stormwater management, drainage design, permitting and regulatory compliance; hydrologic and hydraulic modeling; roadway design, structural design; wetlands delineations and assessment, wildlife surveys and mitigation.

HSW’s site development services incorporate the multi-disciplinary strengths of the firm to complete successful planning, design, and permitting projects. HSW offers an integrated team of engineering and environmental professionals along with hydrogeologists and water resource specialists to support each client’s site development objectives while minimizing the environmental impacts to our natural resources. This integrated approach allows HSW to provide its clients a comprehensive range of environmental due diligence, site layout and design, and permitting services required all under one company.

Extensive Experience In The Following:

  • Site Planning and Development
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Roadway and Drainage Design
  • Low Impact Development (LID) / Green Infrastructure (GI) Design
  • Surface / Stormwater Management
  • Environmental Resource Permitting, Auditing, and Reporting
  • Utilities Master Planning and Design
  • Flooding Investigation and Remediation
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Construction Management, Support, and Oversight
  • Ecological and Hydrogeological Studies
  • Federal Facilities Design
  • Sustainability Evaluation
  • Well Design, Installation, and Testing
  • Wildlife Surveys and Mitigation



Long-Term Stewardship
Petroleum Cleanup
Site Restoration
Site Assessments

Water Resources

Analysis of Hydraulic and Hydrologic Data
Basin Management Action Plan
Minimum Flows & Levels
Power Generation / Water Use
Estuary Modeling
Groundwater Modeling
Peer Review
Stormwater Inspections
Water Conservation Measures
Water Supply Planning
Wellfield Annual Reports
Wetland Restoration

Civil / Land Development

Drainage Resolution & Permitting
Feasability Study
Irrigation Study
Low-Impact Development
Site Development Plans
Training Facility Design

Military Engineering

Small Arms Ranges
Base Utilities
Firing Range Risks
Training Facilities
Armor & Vehicle Ranges

Quality Assurance

Independent 3rd Party Data Validation
Quality Assurance Support