Feasibility Study

El Jobean Feasibility Study

Charlotte County contracted with HSW Engineering to perform a forensic flooding analysis of a 9.3-acre residential subdivision located near the northeast shore of Charlotte Harbor at the mouth of the Myakka River in El Jobean, Florida.  Long-term records of tide reported for a NOAA tide station located in Fort Myers were collated and used to extend the short-term record of tide determined by the USGS on the Myakka River near the subdivision.  A stage-duration curve and annual maximum exceedance statistics were determined for the extended record.  Results of the tide analysis were used to establish a hydraulic boundary condition for ICPR models developed for existing conditions and five alternative flooding mitigation strategies.  The NOAA tide station has measured a sea-level rise of about 0.1 inches per year for the past 30 years.  The forensic analysis concluded that although sea-level rise is having a gradual effect, the buildup of sediments in the drainage system and an eroded embankment in a retention pond adjacent to the harbor are the primary factors affecting drainage conditions within the subdivision.