Irrigation System

New Irrigation Wells, Pumps and Pump Controls, Little Harbor, Ruskin, Hillsborough County, Florida

HSW designed a new irrigation system at the Little Harbor development within the Town of Ruskin, Hillsborough County, Florida. The objective of the program was to install up to three irrigation wells into the Floridian aquifer to supply irrigation water for the 30-acre development. Each 10-inch diameter well was completed to a depth of approximately 475 feet with an open-hole interval of approximately 200 feet. Well casings were constructed with approximately 275 feet of 10-inch diameter black steel and were installed within a 16-inch diameter black steel surface casing set in the upper 20 to 40 feet of unconsolidated sediments. Aquifer performance testing was performed on each completed well. The drilling contractor also ran a full suite of geophysical logs under both static and pumping conditions on the first well constructed and on an existing irrigation well. Each well is equipped with a 25 HP, 250 GPM capacity pump and controls.