Training Facility Design

Range 130HSW Engineering was the lead designer on a Design-Build team contracted by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast (NAVFAC-SE) to design two range training facilities at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton near San Diego, California. The project consisted of design and construction of a new Close Quarters Battle Training Facility (Shoot House) and redesign of an adjacent KD (Known Distance) range to meet United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) training requirements. The site required expansion of the existing Range 130D (Square Bay) to provide 60 target lanes with automated targets provided by Action Target. The project also includes design of ancillary structures such as new Head/Shower/Laundry Facility, Ready Storage Locker for ammunition and a Compressor Shed for the automated target equipment. An extensive analysis was completed to characterize potential impacts to the floodplain in the area and to support designs and modifications that minimize potential harm to or within the floodplain. This analysis was summarized in a comprehensive Hydrology & Hydraulic Engineering Report.

Services provided by the HSW design team included:

  • Civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering design;
  • Stormwater management system design;
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and analysis;
  • Range mitigation design;
  • Development of construction plans and technical specifications development;
  • Design-review team meetings; and
  • Quality assurance / quality control.