Military Engineering & Range Design

HSW Consulting has an extensive history of federal facility work and is one of the contractors under the Range and Training Land Program (RTLP) for the US Army Corps of Engineers to provide full discipline A/E support services across the U.S.

We have a continuous record of success with military projects, specifically those supporting military planning, estimating, and programming firing ranges and training facilities. Since 2003, HSW has performed range and facility design work under 48 different task orders involving six districts and 11 installations. HSW has led Charrettes to prepare 15% design/DD3086’s; led Charrettes to prepare 14 Project Definition Reports (PDRs); prepared six 35% Design / Build packages; completed 30 100% Full Designs; and performed specialty services (R&D, geotechnical, surveying, standard designs) on 30 projects.

Many of our design professionals are trained in MCACES and MII and have experience using PCCost and PAX in the development of PDRs and 3086 estimates. We have used PCCost 6 for the development of costs for Project Definition Reports (PDRs) on 11 projects. We are currently using the MII 2008 Cost Book and latest edition of MII on eight FY11 Range Projects.

In addition, the HSW team provides a unique blend of expertise in engineering design, environmental compliance, permit acquisition and knowledge of range requirements and military facilities as users, trainers, and developers. HSW has acquired a national reputation for using innovative and streamlined approaches to assess and resolve a broad range of complex engineering and environmental concerns.

HSW Capabilities Include:

  • Range and Training Land Program (RTLP) Planning
  • Utility / Military Building
  • Utility Control Centers
  • DD 1391 / DD 3086 Data Submission Packages
  • Civil / Site Grading, Drainage, and Range
  • Access / Downrange Trails
  • Range Operations Support Buildings
  • Power and Fiber Optic Design
  • Surface Danger Zone Analysis
  • Line of Sight Evaluation
  • Surveying and Geotechnical Investigations
  • Innovative Technology Application Analysis
  • Sustainable Design Applications
  • NEPA Documentation and Investigations
  • Cost Estimates (USACE / M-CASES and M II, FDOT PES / CES)
  • Engineering Services During Construction
  • Flow-Regulation Structures and Conveyances
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance
  • SCADA and Telemetry Systems
  • Construction Engineering and Inspection Services



Long-Term Stewardship
Petroleum Cleanup
Site Restoration
Site Assessments

Water Resources

Analysis of Hydraulic and Hydrologic Data
Basin Management Action Plan
Minimum Flows & Levels
Power Generation / Water Use
Estuary Modeling
Groundwater Modeling
Peer Review
Stormwater Inspections
Water Conservation Measures
Water Supply Planning
Wellfield Annual Reports
Wetland Restoration

Civil / Land Development

Drainage Resolution & Permitting
Feasability Study
Irrigation Study
Low-Impact Development
Site Development Plans
Training Facility Design

Military Engineering

Small Arms Ranges
Base Utilities
Firing Range Risks
Training Facilities
Armor & Vehicle Ranges

Quality Assurance

Independent 3rd Party Data Validation
Quality Assurance Support