Basin Management Action Plan

Tampa Bay Estuary Program

HSW Engineering, Inc. provided Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) facilitation, coordination and technical support to develop Basin Management Action Plans (BMAPs) for three major watershed areas located within portions of Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk and Manatee Counties, Florida.  HSW worked closely with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection TMDL Program Director and Manager, as well as with the — USEPA Region IV TMDL Program Director.  HSW reported directly to the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, the government agency tasked with managing all the BMAPs.  HSW provided a combination of professional facilitation and technical support functions.  There were more than a dozen different government organizations involved in this process, along with dozens more industries, schools, universities, citizen groups, environmental organizations, church groups, etc.   HSW coordinated and documented technical discussions throughout the BMAP development process, and provided multiple professionals with extensive facilitation expertise along with technical backgrounds in TMDLs to direct large broad-based Basin Stakeholder Groups in development of regional watershed BMAPs.  Technical aspects in which HSW provided assistance included:

•          Identification and prioritization of water quality and natural systems problem areas

•          Organization of stakeholder groups

•          Identification and prioritization of load reductions actions and projects for
contaminants of concern, and responsibilities of the participants for project

•          Estimation of future pollutant loads, given the projected effects of proposed load
reduction projects and activities, and the effects of anticipated population growth

•          Identification of responsible parties, timetables and funding needs for
implementation of load reduction projects and activities

•          Establishment of monitoring, evaluation and reporting strategy

•          Identification of adaptive management measures

•          Preparation, local review and approval, and submittal of BMAP documents to DEP

•          DEP review and approval of BMAP documents