Power Generation/Industrial Water Use

HSW Engineering, Inc. was awarded a contract to provide as-needed engineering support to Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) in the area of water use permit review and water conservation, specifically targeted at industrial facilities and power plants. We have provided engineering review of water use permits for nuclear and coal-fired power plants, large food processing facilities, phosphate mining and chemical plants. As part of the review for the major increase of water usage at a coal and nuclear power plant complex, we researched and prepared a report on state of the art desalination facilities in use world-wide. In support of the District, HSW reviewed water use requirements for a new nuclear power plant complex and evaluated a permit application for a new patented process using secondary steam to cool the blades of a gas-fired turbine in a water and heat recovery system. HSW has been awarded 7 work orders totaling approximately $120,000 in three years.  This contract was renewed in 2009 for another 3 years.

Subsequent to this renewal, HSW has reviewed a prototype water balance for an existing phosphate mining operation in south-central Florida and evaluated alternative methods for reducing consumption of high-quality groundwater while closing the gypsum stacks and cooling pond at a former fertilizer manufacturing facility.