Stormwater Inspections

An Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) is required before beginning any land use or construction activity that could affect wetlands, alter surface water flows or contribute to water pollution. The Water Management District (WMD) regulates residential and commercial developments, covering activities such as dredging and filling in wetlands, constructing flood protection facilities, providing stormwater containment and treatment, site grading, building dams or reservoirs and other activities affecting state waters. The ERP process is streamlined by combining wetland resources permitting with management and storage of surface waters permitting into a single permit.
If you currently hold an Environmental Resource permit, the WMD requires property owners to perform a stormwater inspection to assure that contaminated rain run-off from the property does not adversely affect the surrounding area.  Failure to submit a report can result in a Notice of Violation of permit conditions.

As you may already be aware, there has been considerable debate at the State and federal level about regulatory criteria for nutrient concentrations in Florida’s rivers, streams, lakes, and estuaries.  Properly maintained and functioning Stormwater Management Systems can help to maintain and even enhance water quality, and reduce the need for more costly remedies.

HSW Engineering, Inc., is available to assist you with a timely inspection of your facility Stormwater Management System at the most competitive rates.

Services provided during a typical SWMS inspection:

  • Retrieve property construction records and permit from WMD to identify all stormwater features on site.
  • Perform a field inspection of all stormwater features to confirm the SWMS is being maintained and operated in accordance with WMD permit conditions.
  • Prepare the required WMD inspection certification form signed by a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Florida.
The cost of inspection varies depending on the size of the property, complexity of the stormwater system, and availability of the As Built Records and Permit.  Many small commercial and residential systems can be inspected for just a few hundred dollars.

Please contact Stuart Artman at 813-968-7722 or Dean Mades at 941-894-4018 to arrange a compliance inspection.