Wetland Restoration

Surface Water Modeling for Wetland Re-hydration Design and Wetland Restoration


Roughly 40 years ago, more than a mile of a natural, intermittent stream/cypress strand system located in the northeast corner of Hillsborough County and southeast corner of Pasco County was completely channelized and re-routed as part of the development of a major industrial facility.  As a result, multiple wetland systems were destroyed and/or hydrologically altered.


Today, HSW Engineering is in the process of restoring between one and two miles of this system.  The restoration efforts involve de-channelization, cypress system restoration, marsh creation, and new meandering stream system placement.  This effort requires intensive coordination with multiple local, regional, and federal government agencies, extensive field work including surveying of Normal Pool and flood elevations, wetland characterizations and delineations, design and construction of weirs and new meandering stream channels, and re-vegetation plans.